Our Story...

You are the future and we will make you shine with coaching and mentoring that nurtures even the youngest of business minds, spurring you on towards incredible opportunities.

Every good story deserves to be heard; we listen to yours, turning awesome concepts into reality by providing mentorship that changes everything for the better.

No job on the horizon? Create your own opportunities by empowering your ambitions to create the perfect niche for you.

Our Story...

We promise to bring your story to life, supporting concepts and delivering skills that nurture your ideas and develop your business mind.

You have the inspiration so get the skills to fuel your passion. Why let your dream remain a story when you have it within you to build it for real?

This is why over the last two years we have launched Baytree Academy, a Summer Academy designed to coach youth entrepreneurs and first time founders.

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Don’t keep your creative ideas hidden! If you have the passion, we provide you with the skills to launch yourself towards a bright future. Take a chance. Be inventive. Your business idea is out there, ready and waiting, for you to spark it off.

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The Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is free for motivated and energetic young minds that want to build their own business. Touch base with the best in class of coaches and mentors that will invest their time and energy into you. We’ll challenge your ideas and provoke inventiveness so that you can get it out there!

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How It Works

Only those with ambition need apply! Students, you can sign up for our free Summer Camp for young entrepreneurs. You have what it takes and we’ll show you how to bring your concepts to life, providing you with purpose and conviction.

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